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We are able to anounce that we are ready for production
of our new 
SRT V4 Factory GP500 machine!

Suter Racing SRT V4 GP 500cc 2-Stroke Project  WWW.SUTERRACING.CH

The production is limited and in 2012 we will organize a new 500 Championship with aprox. 6 rounds in europe.

if you are interested please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Mettlenstrasse 3
CH-8488 Turbenthal

Andy Leuthe

Schützenstrasse 57
CH-8212 Neuhausen am Rheinfall
Tel.&Fax: +41-(0)52-5331 09! 0
Mobil:+41-(0)79-848 39 31

For Details and more Info please contact us 

In all Racing history there was never a V4 500cc full specification road race machine available for public. Only the factory machines were produced and leased to the race teams. Non of those bikes have been on the open market. 

Worldwide there are many two stroke enthusiastic persons wich would like to have such a machine. SRT decide therefore to build the first ever and only available four cylinder V4 500cc 2-Stroke bike for customers.

Everybody who has ever experienced a ride on a 500cc GP 2-Stroke Bike knows that this is the top of motorcycle riding. In the past this was only possible for a very privileged 500 GP pilots. We make it possible for you to get a real GP500 V4 2-stroke Racer!

300km/h and still a spinning wheel and the famous 2-stroke sound!

If you want we can built for you your GP500 Replica bike with the newest Chassis and Engine Technology combined with a Replica Bodywork from the old famous GP500 Bikes.
 '95 Ducati 748. . . . . . . Taken Off The Market
Just a good story

This bike is the balls. A proven championship winner. Balanced & contoured crank,Carillo rods, ported heads, Sharkskins, cf solo seat, BCD custom 2:1 pipe. More of only the best on this great racebike.

This bike was brought into country at the end of the 1995 season. The 748 was then outlawed from CCS Light Weight Supertwins class so we sourced a Cosworth  short stroke crank and built a 685cc motor. We did very well in 1996 and then CCS decreed that we could not down size for the class and outlawed the bike again. In 1999 the AMA decided we could run a 748 built to an 800cc for the Pro Thunder class so we put a 916 top end on our short stroke bottom and ran a 787cc configuration to 4 AMA wins out of 5 starts while crashing out of the 3rd race while leading with Eric Wood on board. The engine was protested by the AMA and proved to be legal after they measured our stroke during that season. Again in 2001 the configuration was outlawed and we had to run up to a 750cc in the 2001 season. So we put an 851 top end on it and ran a 749cc for the Loudon National and won again.

The bike is currently setup with a freshly rebuilt 700cc (56.4mm stroke 685cc) (WERA Legal) by BCM Motorsports in NH. We can set the motor up in any of the configurations mentioned above (call for pricing information). Bike includes: Cosworth crank, V-2 cams, BCD 50mm exhaust, Penski shock, Afam sprocket carrier, Marchesini wheels and more.