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Honda CBR1000RR
Parts and Accessories


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CBR1000 Parts Books

2002 VTR1000 SP2 Parts Book

2004 CBR1000RR Parts Book
2004 Kit Parts List
Technical Information
Engine Maintenance
Optimizing riding position

How to proceed suspension setting vol.1

2006 CBR1000RR Specifications
2006 CBR1000RR Cam Pulse Rotor
USB Type Serial Interface Unit

Toby Steering Dampers
Steering Dampers

High Performance
Silicone Hose Kits




If interested in any of these Kit Parts, look over the list and email us the part numbers of interest and we will check availabilty and current cost.

CBR1000RR 2010/11 Kit Parts
CBR1000RR 2009 Kit Parts
CBR1000RR 2008 Kit Parts
CBR1000RR 2007 Kit Parts
CBR1000RR 2006 Kit Parts
CBR1000RR 2005 Kit Parts
CBR1000RR 2004 Kit Parts
VTR1000 CBR1000RR

Cowling Parts - Fairings, Seats and Fenders
Rear Sets and parts
Electric Shifters
Tire Warmers
Stands - Front and Rear

  Rear Set Assemblies

Battle Factory Rear Sets

h04-03_01.jpg (64234 バイト)h04-03_05.jpg (70110 バイト)
These Rear Set systems and replacement parts are manufactured by Battle Factory in Suzuka Japan of high grade Aluminum. All foot levers utilize special flanged bearing which is an original design of Battle Factory. This bearing mounting system gives the levers a very positive and smooth movement.

  Engine Covers for Crash Protection

Woodcraft engine covers are designed to keep your bike oil tight in the event of a crash.
cbr1000rr08_02.jpg (117854 バイト)


       Case Cover
  Armour Bodies bodywork

Discount (In stock items only)

Honda CBR1000RR 04-05 SuperSport Kit

Premium Bodywork from Armour Bodies!
Kit includes upper, lower, tail, tank cover and fender.


Armor Bodies information CLICK HERE

Dzus Fastener Kit

Dzus D-ring Fastener Kit with Slide On Spring Clips

Dzus fasteners are the quickest and easiest way to fasten upper and lower sections of bodywork. These D-ring fasteners make attaching and removing the lower a cinch! The spring clip type fasteners simplify the installation process by allowing the user to drill holes where the fasteners need to go and sliding on the spring clips.

Set of 6 D-ring Dzus fasteners; includes: fasteners, spring clips and grommets.