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Engine Rebuild Packages

RS250 1993-2000 Motor Rebuild

RS250 2001-2002 Motor Rebuild

RS250 Parts Books
1989 RS250 Manual and Parts
1991 RS250 Manual and Parts
1996 RS250  Parts
2000 RS250  Parts
2001 RS250  Parts
2002 RS250  Parts

Other Parts books

OEM Parts Lists
RS250 2001-2002

Technical Information
Points of engine and frame assembly
Notes on maintenance (engine)
Notes on maintenance (frame)
Conservation for engine power
Running in / Warming up / Position adjustment
Optimizing riding position
How to proceed suspension setting vol.1

Basic concept of power jets
Setting using detonation counters
Settings according to seasonal conditions
Function of carburetor parts
RS250R Parts combination according to model years
RS250 Carburetor Setting
RS250 Suspension

Need to do a Motor Rebuild?





To make it easier to process the order and to save you some costs we have come up with motor rebuild packages.

We have packs for the Honda RS125 and RS250.

Click here to see what our packages include.

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Cowling Parts - Fairings, Seats and Fenders
Rear Sets and parts
Electric Shifters
Tire Warmers
Stands - Front and Rear

  Rear Set Assemblies                                    

Battle Factory Rear Sets

These Rear Set systems and replacement parts are manufactured by Battle Factory in Suzuka Japan of high grade Aluminum. All foot levers utilize special flanged bearing which is an original design of Battle Factory. This bearing mounting system gives the levers a very positive and smooth movement.

  Engine Parts and Accessories                       

High Performance
Silicone Hose Kits

Honda RS250
S_Hon35-BLU Samco silicone hose -Honda RS250 1993-current- Blue $94.25
A note on oil Seals for crank install - CLICK ON IMAGE

VHM Cylinder Heads

Billet Clutch Baskets

Leak-Down Testing Set RS125, RS250, TZ125 and TZ250

for info

Steering Dampers
One of
Europe's finest damper manufacturer for the racer that accepts no compromises
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BrakeTech Rotors for Honda RS125 & 250 - Axis/Iron full foater: 298mm Honda RS125, RS250 & other - 100% Billet machined and Cryogenic treated, Ea.
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BTH-29.LX Left hand side  
BTH-29.RX Right Hand side


We have supplied Excel spread sheet files to help you in ordering engine rebuild parts.
These are Kevin Murry's of MCE Racing suggested lists. We can drop ship these parts to Kevin or any other rebuilder you use. Just click on the one you need to open or copy to your computer. You can fill in the quantities you need and attached these lists to an email to us. Just click cancel if your browser asks for a password.