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1997 TZ250 parts list
2002 TZ250 parts list
2003 TZ250 parts list

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  Rear Set Assemblies                                    

Battle Factory Rear Sets

These Rear Set systems and replacement parts are manufactured by Battle Factory in Suzuka Japan of high grade Aluminum. All foot levers utilize special flanged bearing which is an original design of Battle Factory. This bearing mounting system gives the levers a very positive and smooth movement.

  Engine Parts and Accessories                       
 (many of these kit parts are no longer available from Yamaha)
Power Valve Pulley 1

You may have noticed that some of the power valve pulleys supplied on the 2003 and newer TZ250s seem a little soft and your cables have been pulling out.
We found a solution, made in Italy.


Replaces Yamaha 5KE-1132E-00

Pre-charger filter cover
Another seeming silly accessory we have added to our TZ250s. These filter covers keep insects, sand, birds and small children out of out intake and our motors last much longer. We have not seen any noticeable decrease in performance.
A long time friend and TZ pilot thought it was a dumb idea until he helped me rebuild my top end at the track one day and decided after looking at the internals of my motor the he had to have a couple.

VHM Cylinder Heads

High Performance
Silicone Hose Kits

Water Heater - We started using these units on our TZ250s up here in the North East where it can be a bit chilly in the Spring and Fall. Yes, It weighs about 13ozs, but it assures that our motors are up to running temperature when the tire warmers come off.
LR1843 Model 100D -  375 watt heater pre-warms liquid-cooled engines. Includes thermal switch to prevent overheating and is UL and CSA approved.

Rick Schell's wealth of information that he sends with every crank he works his magic on. Of course the first couple of pages are related to a particular crank but most of the information is very useful to all of us running a 2-Stroke water cooled GP machine.
  Chassis Parts and Accessories                       

Steering Dampers
One of
Europe's finest damper manufacturer for the racer that accepts no compromises
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  Brake Pads and Rotors                                 

BrakeTech Rotors for TZ250 Yamaha - Axis Design 298mm full-floater, Billet Ductile Iron w/Hard Anodized Carrier, Cryo treated -  2lb 14.6oz (OEM weight 3lb 2.6oz)
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BTD-20.0LX Left hand side  
BTD-20.0RH Right Hand side

High Performance Brake Pads CLICK HERE

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TZ250 Battery Charge wire, lead

Leak-Down Testing Set
RS125, RS250, TZ125 and TZ250

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We have supplied Excel spread sheet files to help you in ordering engine rebuild parts.
These are Kevin Murray's of MCE Racing suggested lists. We can drop ship these parts to Kevin or any other rebuilder you use. Just click on the one you need to open or copy to your computer. You can fill in the quantities you need and attached these lists to an email to us. 
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