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Bring up the safer sex issue just got a whole lot easier. CONDOMENTS released their "Condom Cards" back in 1992. They were brightly colored and witty cards with messages like "It's a touchy subject - wanna give me a hand?" When the card is opened it hands you a real condom. The new line was to be a good starting point for what is usually a difficult topic to discuss.
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Condoments had begun to market the new line of "condom" greeting cards. The three-dimensional cards contain topical messages and a pop-out hand holding a real condom. These cards are positioned as novelty greeting cards designed to express the safer sex message in an amusing, lighthearted way.
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Condoments had planned to market these cards through direct mail to specialty stores, card shops, boutiques and college bookstores. The company believes these greeting cards will help increase public awareness of the safer sex message while bringing humor to an otherwise serious subject. According to Lee Newton, Vice President of Creative Design, "It's time to bring condoms out from behind the drugstore counters and into the consciousness of the general public. Humor has always been a key ingredient to effective social change."
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Condoments was a finalist in the 1992 International Greeting Card's Louie Awards

We are looking for a progressive Greeting Card company with interest in continuing with
the Safe Sex message.

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