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Your body cools itself by first releasing heat to the air around it and then by producing perspiration which evaporates, also producing a cooling effect.

Conventional clothing creates a "dead air" space around the body...insulating it from the air that could provide cooling. Your body begins to sweat in an effort to become cooler.

Many conventional clothing fibers such as cotton will absorb this sweat and swell up, closing the pores in the garment and trapping even more heat. Cotton under racing leathers is the worst possible combination.

So called "technical fabrics" use synthetics that will not swell and also repel water vapor to encourage evaporation. Too much evaporation leads to rapid dehydration...a potentially deadly problem for motorcycle riders and motorsport drivers.

COOL STUFF products go the next step and combine these "technical fibers" with an acrylic fiber that contains thousands of chemically charged bubbles that react to skin temperature and can help defer dehydration.

COOL STUFF foam uses a “phase change material” technology to absorb and release thermal energy. The phase change “bubbles” applied to the foam are activated by the temperature of your body.

The pads are placed between your skin and your helmet or backpad liner so that the pads can make contact with your body. When your skin temperature is above 95 degrees fahrenheit, the COOLSTUFF pad starts to provide a cooling effect. When your skin temperature is below 95 degrees, it provides a warming effect.

Once the phase change material is completely "saturated", then the pad will act as an extra insulator between you and the environment...continuing to provide extra comfort and impact protection just like the other foams in your helmet or backpad.
COOL PANTS and COOL SHIRTS are worn under your leathers or riding apparel, directly against the skin. Available in men's or women's designs, in black or white.

COOL SHIRTS & PANTS from Cool Stuff feature:
• Blended fabric consisting of 45% Outlast Adaptive Acrylic fiber and 55% polyester. Garments are set to activate at an average skin temperature of 90 degrees F. These garments can reduce skin temperature up to 2 degrees compared to conventional polyester based garments.
• Treated with a wicking agent to repel moisture and allow fast drying.
• Cuffs and ankles are elastic for an easier fit under riding or racing apparel.
• Waist bands are elastic. Women's waist band includes a scalloped trim design.
• Men's shirts feature a plain, t-shirt type collar. Women's shirts feature a scalloped drop neck line.
• Men's pants include a fly front.
• Men's garments are available in either black or white. Women's garments are available in white only.
• The Cool Turtle is a Cool Shirt, but with a zip-up turtle neck collar. The Cool Turtle retails for $50.00 and is available in white only.
• Cool Shirts and Pants are designed to be worn snugly against the skin for the maximum benefit. The design also makes it easier to get in and out of your leathers.

COOL HEAD helmet pads are inserted directly into the top of your helmet. Absorbs heat from inside the helmet allowing better concentration and comfort.

COOL HELMET Pads from Cool Stuff feature:

• 10mm thick foam pad saturated with Outlast Technologies Adaptive Temperature Regulation technology. Set to activate at 90 degrees F. over the point in the body where the greatest heat release occurs.
• Pads are sandwiched in a nylon mesh packet that is inserted directly into the top of the helmet.

Cool Stuff products are made of a patented technology developed by NASA for the Apollo space program. Motocoolstuff, Inc. is bringing this technology into the motorcycle industry by marketing a line of garments that contain the unique Outlast Technologies phase change fibers.

The patented Outlast Temperature Regulation system used in the MotoCoolStuff pads contains micron-sized Thermasorb additives. With their unique ability to absorb and release heat, Outlast cools you when you're warm, and warms you when you're cool. When you stop riding, the Outlast Temperature Regulation system "recharges" itself automatically for continued comfort and protection.

MotoCoolStuff shirts and pants use the same technology as our pads but embedded directly into the fibers of these unique garments. Outlast fibers in the MotoCoolStuff garments under your leathers provide the best temperature regulation available. Now you can slip out of your leathers without the sticking and grabbing of the past...and you can be more comfortable even at higher outside temperatures.

Clearance SALE

These specialized garments were pre Under Amour and work very well as under garments for your race suit. I have keep all that I need for my personal use so here is what is left. Unfortunately the Cool Stuff company has not survived.

  Qty in Special
Retail Stock Price
CS1550 Cool Skin back armor insert pad $44.95 1 $20.00
CS3820MBLK Cool Shirt -Men's M - Long sleeve light weight 
BLACK  38-40
$40.00 1 $20.00
CS3820L Cool Shirt -Men's L - Long sleeve light weight  
WHITE 42-44
$40.00 1 $20.00
CS3820LBLK Cool Shirt -Men's L - Long sleeve light weight  
BLACK 42-44
$40.00 2 $20.00
CS3820XXL Cool Shirt -Men's XL - Long sleeve light weight 
WHITE 50-52
$40.00 3 $20.00
CS5820XL Cool Pants -Men's XL - Light weight  WHITE 40-42 $40.00 2 $20.00
CS5820XXL Cool Pants -Men's XXL - Light weight  WHITE  44-46 $40.00 3 $20.00
  Shirts (Chest Size) Pants (Waist Size)
  Men Women Men Women
Small 34-36 32-34 28-30 24-26
Medium 38-40 35-37 32-34 27-29
Large 42-44 38-40 36-38 30-32
XL 46-48 42-44 40-42 34-36
XXL 50-52   46-48  
Note: Pants are cut very tight for wearing under racing leathers. Many street riders prefer to go up one size for added comfort.