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Woodcraft - "Klucky Puck" Knee Sliders

The staff at Woodcraft has been racing for a long time, and have always felt that the “Klucky Pucks” were the best in the business. We thought that this product line would be a perfect adddition to the Woodcraft famliy of products and when the opportunity arose to purchase the company, we jumped at the chance.

Ranked #1: In recent years Roadracing World did a comprehensive comparison of all the knee sliders on the market and Klucky Pucks came out #1. They are the choice of the staff at Woodcraft and have helped hundreds of racers win regional and national championship titles.

Durable Compound: Sliders need to last; plain and simple. Klucky Pucks have a compound developed through the years of experience that helps them last longer than the competition while maintaining the feel that racers need.

The Toughest Velcro: If your kneepucks get knocked off while racing you’re in for a long day - and some leather repair. These sliders have the toughest velcro on the market, bar none! Nothing is more important for a slider than for it to stay on while you’re riding, and we’ve never had a Klucky Puck come loose.

Klucky Pucks are the choice of Woodcraft staff members and hundreds of top racers.  The pucks are made of a proprietary plastic that is extremely durable yet still provides the feel racers are looking for.  The pucks are set on a thick leather backing and utilize super-strong double loop Velcro that ensures that they will never get pulled off while riding.

Part Number
Klucky Pucks - Black
Klucky Pucks - Blue
Klucky Pucks - Yellow
Klucky Pucks - Red
Klucky Pucks - White




Trak-Pads the company is no longer in business our stock is limited.


TRAK-PADS are made from a special high density plastic that offers exceptional wear resistance and low sliding friction. TRAK-PADS attaches to your leathers with the hook and loop fastener system. TRAK-PADS are available with either the hook or the loop part on the slider. Kinetic Research has been making these exceptional knee sliders since 1985!

$39.95 per pair

TRAK-PADS are available in an incredible array of colors!

These are the only colors we still have available
Red, Blue, Green, and Purple!!

Knee Slider Q&A