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Knee Slider Q&A

Who should use TRAK-PADS?

All motorcycle road racers interested in the finest polymer Knee Slider available. For most racers, getting the best value out of their racing dollar is important. Sponsorship money is hard to come by. TRAK-PADS lasts many racers a whole season or more.

What is the difference between plastic and leather knee sliders?

The main difference to the rider is the amount of friction or drag that you feel and how long they will last under race conditions.

A leather slider will grab the pavement and try to cause your knee to move backward. This can be used to prevent the front from washing out on slippery surfaces. If the surface is grippy, this can be upsetting to the bike and rider. Leather sliders will wear out quickly if used this way. Some riders will ruin a set of leather sliders in a single race.

A plastic slider will slide over the surface easily. Placing a lot of weight on the knee will not cause the slider to move back as much. This is the best choice for racers who place a lot of weight onto their knee and don't want to spend 40 bucks a weekend on knee sliders.

 How does the slider attach to my leathers?

TRAK-PADS attaches with the popular hook and loop system (Velcro). The normal configuration is with the hook part on the slider. The loop part is on your leathers. The loop part feels soft like fabric and the hook part is plastic and feels coarse. Some leathers come with the hook part attached to the leathers and TRAK-PADS are available for these.

 What do I do if my leathers do not have the hook and loop on them?

Adhesive backed fastener is available to stick to the leathers but invariably you will not be satisfied with this approach. The best thing to do is take the leathers to someone who can sew the loop onto your leathers. Look at some newer leathers and make sure you cover a large enough area. This will allow you to have room to move the slider around to position it properly. Each person will have his or her own riding style so the exact location of the slider may not be obvious. Use a large patch of loop.

I've been shopping around and have seen several knee sliders that look the same as TRAK-PADS. What's up with that?

TRAK-PADS were first introduced to the market in 1985. Since then there have been steady improvements to the design and manufacture. Over the years we have worked with many riders to refine the design. The unique, continuously curved surface reduces the chance of catching an edge on rough pavement. Generous Velcro backing holds to your leathers tight. Many others have imitated the design. These imitators don't even have the creativity or originality to come up with there own shape. Don't be fooled by cheap imitations. The shape and material used here are the original.