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Scandinavian Brake Systems A/S is the world's leading manufacturer of motorcycle brake pads supplied under the world wide recognized brand, SBS.
We offer the market's most complete range of motorcycle disc brake pads in a variety of friction materials developed to specific purposes: Street use, off - road, racing and scooter.
Our brake pad range is 100% - Made in Denmark - European quality at its best.
We are fully dedicated to quality, and the ultimate brake performance is our focus. No matter whether you are competing for championships in World Superbike or you are just cruising around for fun on your scooter, we can ensure you a quality product that you can fully trust.
But SBS is more than a motorcycle brake pad specialist.
Based on our vast know- how and experience built up through decades of involvement in the motorcycle business, we also develop and manufacture friction materials for special purposes, where efficient and durable brake power is required, such as wind turbines, industrial applications, and automotive sport.
Furthermore, SBS is one of Europe's leading remanufacturers of automotive brake calipers and a significant distributor of other automotive brake and wear parts.

Dealer Pricing is available, email sales@rscycles.com for more info.

SBS Road Racing pads come in three front and two rear compounds available for most machines.

Front Caliper Brake Pads

DS - Dual Sinter
Introduced 2007 for World Superbike, Supersport &Endurance, winning the two sprint Championships and doing the complete 24 Hour race distance of Lemans & Bol d'or in its 1st season. DS proved already to be the new standard in brake pad technology for World Championship Racing & Endurance.

DC - Dual Carbon
Used by the world's top teams and riders since 2001 introduction to win 7 World Championship titles and numerous of National Championships.DC is the "The choice of Champions" for Superstock, Supersport and Superbike classes.
NOTE: Do not use these pads for Street Riding. They need proper heat to work which cannot be acheived while riding off the race track!

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RS - Racing Sinter. Track Day & Sport
Used to be our Top racing pad for Supersport & Superbike back in the late 90's, now it is rated as the ultimate and affordable track day pad for your road & track bike.
Rear Caliper Brake Pads

RQ - Carbon Tech

For riders using the rear brake to help steering into turns and handle the bike out of turns
LS - Sinter
For riders using the rear brake occasionally or only slightly when going into turns

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