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Global Dog Security Systems

Contact http://www.solarsecured.com for  information on these alarm systems.
We are not currently carrying these products.

    Would you like to keep your trailer and all your race gear stored in it . . . yours?

We at Rising Sun found out the hard way!
Our trailer was stolen just 2 weeks after another racer's trailer was stolen while on their way to Mid Ohio in 2006. We have both done some looking and found this system which we feel is cheap insurance considering the worth of our trailers and the items we transport to and from the races we attend. This system which is now installed in our trailer offers door open, tilt/movement, vehicle movement and low battery alarms as well as real time GPS tracking and vehicle movement history. All these alarm notifications can be set to alert you at your cell phone immediately and also sent to your email system.

Our Race trailer was stolen from it's parking area in Brockton MA on Monday or Tuesday 10/2 or 10/3 CLICK HERE for more info

Global Dog is the first in its class of tracking and security in one package! It combines the technology and features of the original Trailer Dog Security System with GPS tracking, cellular text notification and 2 way interactive communication.

Product #: TD 6000G
Unit size: 10" x 10" x 4"

System Features:
Solar Powered - No need for AC power. The Trailer Dog Security System is internal battery powered with solar panel charging.
Self Contained - Minimal space required for installation and is relatively maintenance free.
Built Tough - Whether it's the damage resistant heavy gauge steel enclosure or the commercial grade door proximity switch, this System is build to last.
Global Dog System Warranty Information
To find out more about your Global Dog System warranty, click the link above.

Product Support & Customer Service

For Tech Support, Customer Service, or to view answers to some frequently asked questions, click the above link.
Additional Global Dog Features:
GPS Real Time Tracking - Using the Global Dog custom website, this feature allows you to check and locate your trailer at anytime with 2 way interactive communication and remote access to monitoring, activation and command functions.
Multiple Notifications - Up to 3 people can be notified by cellular text notification of the violation.
Flexibility - Choice of silent or audible alarm as well as flashing light response. The Global Dog Security System can be adapted to all types of sensors approved for electronic intrusion detection.

 Product #: TD 6000G   Email Us for current Pricing
    Monitoring Fee $39.95/month ($479.40 annually)

CLICK HERE for Trailer Dog setup Sheet

If you are not interested in GPS tracking but still need protection of your assets check out Trailer Dog!
                                 CLICK HERE

Each System Contains:
1 - Alarm Control/GPS/GSM Cellular Communication Unit in a Heavy Gauge Steel Enclosure
2 - Key Chain Remote Controls
1 - Weather Proof Door Proximity Switch
1 - Integrated Pain Generating Interior Siren
1 - 120 DB Exterior Siren
1 - 10 Watt Weather Proof Solar Panel
1 - Weatherproof Roof Mount Antenna
Integrated Tilt/Movement Sensor
LED Alarm Status Indicator
Integrated Shock Sensor
External Power Jack for AC Adaptor Power or Additional Batteries
Internet "Trailer Tracking" Web Site Access*

* Global Dog Monthly Service Plan is required for Global Dog Monitoring