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Are you looking to get a new ride for the next racing Season?
Unfortunately 2-stroke GP bikes are no longer available from Honda and Yamaha since 2009.
We generally have a selection of used bikes some of our customers have for sale.
Honda has released their new Moto3 bike but supplies will be very limited to a few countries. Also, watch for information on a collaboration of Yamaha, GPTech, Framecrafters, and Rising Sun entry into the 250cc 4-stroke game.

Honda has taken the wraps off its 2012 Moto3 machine by unveiling the new NSF250R in Japan.
Honda Moto3
Thinking about a New GP Bike for next race season?

I have had quite a few people ask about purchasing one of the Aprilia RS125s that was brought in the US a couple of years ago. Many people think they are buying a World GP bike for $6,000 which is very far from the truth!

The Aprilia you are looking at is just one their street bikes. If you are planning to do track days it will be acceptable but if you plan to race against the Honda RS125 and Yamaha TZ125 you will be very disappointed. They dumped 600 of them in the US two years ago to clean out a warehouse and plan to hopefully sell them off as track day machines. Some people have purchased the parts that were removed before the bikes were imported which made them street registerable in some countries. They were then were able to register them in some states here. Check out one of the bike a buddy of mine has registered and put up for sale http://www.risingsuncycles.com/Bikes/customersbikes/customer.htm.

The parts were removed to sneak these bikes through the EPA Racing Exclusion approval because they were not legal for street use here. A real Aprilia GP bike for last year’s season would set you back $250,000.00 (yes, that is 1/4 of a million US dollars) The race version puts out 55 hp and weighs around 130 pounds and will reach speeds over 140 mph. This street bike puts out about 34 HP and weighs almost 300 pounds (not much lighter than a new 600 which puts out 105 plus hp). A properly set up RS125 Honda will put out between 40 and 50 hp and weighs 130 pounds and can reach 130 plus mph. (A bargain price wise compared to the Aprilia GP bike and you can actually purchase the parts to maintain it).

The bike which Rossi rode was the Aprilia RSW125. It is the GP version and is in a whole different league. For example it makes approximately 55 bhp and can go over 140 mph. The RS125 street bike is a watered down version of it and can be used reliably and without a lot of maintenance costs”

If you are planning on racing competitively you should continue looking for a Yamaha or Honda GP bike that fits your price range. The price for a good one will continue to rise because, as of this year, they are no longer being produced by Honda or Yamaha.

If you do decide to look into the Honda try to find a 1998 or newer which will be the newest motor, carburetion and electronics setup.

The two yellow and black RS125s on our customer’s bikes For Sale page have been completely rebuilt and have approx $6,000 in additional items on them. Ram air box, Samba exhaust (they make all the Aprilia race pipes) and PVM wheels.

I hope this information gives you some understanding and helps in your decision to purchase the bike that best fits your needs.

If you have any other question please fell free to contact me.

Honda RS125

Honda RS250

Yamaha TZ125


Yamaha TZ250
2009 was the last year that these 2-Stroke Grand Prix machines were available to purchase in New production!!! Both Honda and Yamaha!!

Information on the Importation of a Racing Motorcycle - Click Here
US Dollars are FOB Fall River, MA USA


Honda Racing History
From 1976’s “MT125R” to the “RS125R,” which finished production with the 2009 model, Honda has produced a cumulative total of 15,000 market racing machines. Over a long period 34 years, Honda has broadened the base of 2-wheel motorsports in Japan and worldwide with market racing machines and brought up a number of racing riders.

During this time, Honda has nurtured 29 All-Japan Championship 125 cc class champions, a grand total of 130 Road Racing World Championship Grand Prix (WGP) victories, 11 manufacturer championships, and 9 champions with the RS125R. Dani Pedrosa and Andrea Dovizioso, currently active in riding the RC212V in the MotoGP, have ridden the RS125R in the past, repeatedly seeing good results and building up a great deal of experience. Honda Racing Corporation (HRC), though without racing with 125 cc works machines, has supported users by selling kit parts to make the engine and other components more powerful while continuing with sales of base vehicles, thereby expanding constructor business opportunities.

Later, environmental challenges for mass production models were pushed to a global level, accompanied by a similar shift to 4-strokes for motorcycle racing machines. The shift came from the the pinnacle of World Championship Grand Prix racing, moving from the GP500 (2-stroke, 500 cc) to the MotoGP (4-stroke, 990 cc or less at the time; currently 800 cc) in 2002 and starting the Moto2 (one-make 4-stroke, 600 cc Honda engine) in place of the GP250 (2-stroke, 250 cc) in 2010.

1996 MT125R

1987 RS125R (NF4)

1996 RS125R (NX4)
From 2-stroke to 4 stroke
Replacing the current 2-stroke, 125 cc used in the GP125 class, Honda developed the new “NSF250R” as a machine for entry riders to participate in the battle, seizing the opportunity provided by the opening of the 4-stroke, 250 cc Moto3 category, which begins in 2012.

With a mission of broadening the base for motorcycle motorsports cultivated by the RS125R, we aimed for a high-performance, lightweight, and compact racing machine that allows RS125R users to ride with the same sense of comfort and inherits important elements from the RS125R such as the ability to learn the basics for moving up from entry level to the MotoGP.

As a leader of the“ NSF250R” development, on top of seeing the NSF250R expand the base for 2-wheel motorsports, as the RS125R did, and sharing dreams and excitement with our customers by revitalizing the Moto3 class, our greatest joy would be for the machine to serve as a springboard in creating future MotoGP champion riders.

We really look forward to this new“ NSF250R” being loved by more people around the world and helping them to realize their dreams in the world of motorsports, all the while being charmed by the machine.


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