Seat Pads

GPTech Seat Foam

Dense foam with or without sticky back. Two sizes to choose from. Extremely durable (will not ball or tear). Fits all solo tail sections. Two textures/finishes to choose from. Universal fit.





Long seat—13.5” long x 12” wide (at rear)
x 6” (at front)
GPSF-63-5100  $65.95  

Short seat—10” long x 14.5” wide (at rear) x 10.5” (at front).
GPSF-SF10 $65.95 


Speed Fiber Seat Foam

SF22668 RSW125 04- Seat Foam - Speed Fiber 20mm - 8" wide in rear, 5" wide in front & 9.25" long with slopping sides

SF22667 RS125 04- Seat Foam - Speed Fiber 12mm - 8" wide in rear, 5" wide in front & 9.25" long


SF22535 Universal Seat Foam R1 004-006 12mm - Speed Fiber SS/SBK - 12.5" wide in rear, 6" wide in front & 10" long

SF22678 Seat Foam - Seat Bum Stop Speed Fiber 20mm - 7" wide long side, 7" wide short side & 2.5" wide shortest side

Honda & Yamaha OEM Seat Foam

Yamaha TZ125
4JT-24713-00 seat pad use 4JT-24713-20
4JT-24713-10 seat pad use 4JT-24713-20
4JT-24713-20 seat pad can use 5KE-24713-00

Yamaha TZ250
5KE-24713-00 cushion - 4DP-24713-00, -10, -20

Honda RS125
77220-NX4-000 RUBBER,SEAT         


Honda RS250
77220-NX5-700 RUBBER,SEAT use 77220-NXA-000