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"Motor racing, mountain climbing and bull fighting are the only true sports. All the rest are children's games played by adults."
 - Ernest Hemingway
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Toby Steering Dampers
Steering Dampers

High Performance
Silicone Hose Kits


For Anything you would like to know about Yamaha's TZ series of GP machines....
you can find it here!


We all know that we need racing classes in the US to train our future Champions and groups like the
USGPRU offer these needed opportunities.
Another group has created a video to help promote these classes and plan to pitch it to Speed TV. Check it out and pass the link around.


For current racing News Check Out Sarni Motorsports

Sarni Current Newsletter
Current News and Promotions - RSC Newsletter

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New Yamaha-Powered GP Tech Moto3

Racebike Debuted October 7-9, 2011 During the USGPRU Season Finale
CLICK HERE for more information . . .
There are many riders and teams who would love to continue racing two-strokes.

     Continental Championship Race Tech.

There is a movement to create a new 2-Stroke World Championship for 50cc, 125cc and 250cc two-stroke.
CLICK HERE for more information and a video.
Also check out the Suter Racing SRT V4 GP
500cc 2-Stroke Project

An Indy 125GP Wildcard Ride!

An anonymous benefactor would like to have his bike ridden one last time before they retire the 125GP class this year.


The bike is a fully kitted 2008 RSW125 Aprilia.

Fully tuned, and was competitive in the top 10 last year at world GP, it will come with a tuner and all expenses paid for the wildcard ride.

The rider will only have to pay for his/her transport to Indy next month, and a testing opportunity prior to the race.

3 riders will be chosen for a "ride off", and only one will make it for the last Indy wildcard ride. With the second place rider as a back up.

Please submit your riders resume to us immediately via email, and no later then Thursday (tommorrow 7/21/11).

The bike has arrived in the US last week.
I was just reminded that you must be old enough to hold an AMA Pro License as a minimum requirement to ride with the FIM. Team applies for the rider, and FIM approves with at least AMA card. Also, FIM states that 125 wildcards must be under 25 of age.

Rising Sun Cycles is helping to put a rider together with this team and we will submit your resume
to the team and you will be contacted by them if selected, to go over details.

Attention! Bruce Lind of TZ250 racing fame and Ring Master of the Bruce Lind Racing Traveling Circus, is working towards having 5KE cases made. He needs a minimum of 10 orders to make this happen.  If you want to read more about it and place an order CLICK HERE

Industry team launches Japan relief effort
Greg Hatton and Jon Bekefy are calling on all U.S. powersports enthusiasts and industry employees to help. Funds raised through the website will be forwarded to Red Cross relief efforts in Japan. More...
Tilley Hat

 Incredible Customer Service and guarantee!

Many people around the race track (especially during Penguin Road Racing Schools) can find me by looking for my hat. It is a Tilley of course. It keeps the sun and rain off better than many hats I have had,

The company claims to replace the hat if you ever wear it out or lose it! I had absolutely wore out the last one I had due to more use than many people probably give theirs in the same period of time. I sent it back to Tilley with a story praising their product and a new charge card telling them that I did not expect a replacement but just wanted the exact hat again. The hat did it job as expected and I fully expected to purchase another. They honored their statement and sent me a new hat Free of charge anyway. If you need any quality outdoor clothing you need to check Tilley first!

Honda has taken the wraps off its 2012 Moto3 machine by unveiling the new NSF250R in Japan.

CLICK HERE for more info

CLICK HERE for a video on the new bike on track!

Planning ahead for this race season!
Rising Sun is rebuilding our inventory for the 2011 season but some things have changed in the world which has affected expediency of international shipments. So we ask that you plan ahead if possible for such items as bodywork and other major items. Some issues have developed in business concerning products being shipped in from outside the country that have created some hurtles. There are new rules about freight on passenger planes entering the US. Our border patrol will not allow packages from some countries on planes any longer since bombs were found in freight parcels. Our suppliers in Japan have filed all the necessary paperwork for this not to affect our shipments too badly in the future but it has slowed a couple of shipments so far.
We only found this out when some items shipping from Holland via Priority mail were put on a container ship which delayed the shipment by over a month. Our supplier did not know this was the case until he tracked the parcel that we both thought was lost. We were told that any Priority Mail parcel which weighs over 0.5 KG will travel by ocean rather than be allowed on a passenger airliner. The package shipped on the 15th of Dec and did not arrive until the 20th of January. We have taken steps to avoid these issues in the future  but the rules can change again causing more problems.
Just another thing to deal with.

TonUP Motor Ware
Coming Soon!

Kangaroo Label


future world champion
Future World Champion?
Just out racing his minibike and smiling all day.
I took a few days and went to Bermuda for their Championship Final Races - Oct 31, 2010
They race everything - mini-bikes, very hopped up scooters, GP 125s, Motards and 600CC Supersport bikes and a good time was had by all.
CLICK HERE for a taste
and their BMRC Club web site.

Moto3 Class for 2012

The World's Fastest 125 - Scott Kolb's Bonneville success

Check out the USGPRU videos that were shot at NJMP

So bike racing can be pricey? Check this video out.
So how many cars and certainly tires do you think it takes to learn this sport? It is a good thing that Ken probably does not pay for his tires! 

Current Rising Sun Cycles Pricing explanation

Reporting on Training our future Champions

Our friends at Battle Factory have won the
all-Japan Championship GP125 Class 2009
CLICK HERE for pictures

One of our sports up and coming young riders and his family needs help after a devastating racing crash.
Zac Chapman was injured on August 8th while in Virginia at a race in a practice run.
Each day that there is an update to report, it will be updated. That address is:  http://www.newriver.tv/zac

The USGPRU F450 class will run with the AMA Grand Championship weekend at Mid Ohio in 2009
The rules for the class have been tweaked to allow more bikes to be eligible for the class. The underlying rule will remain that the bikes must be powered by a single cylinder dirt-bike motor that is not larger than 450cc. Bikes may now use GP chassis or custom (Spondon, Tigcraft, etc) frames may be used to house the thumper powerplant. The bikes must all be fully faired roadrace machines and must conform to all of the technical specifications as outlined in the USGPRU rulebook. For full details, visit the USGPRU website.

CRP Racing
                       CLICK HERE

Passion & Technology running fast
The same engine parts that made CRP so successful in
125 class GP Racing in Europe are now available to you!

eCRP 1.0
Reserve your eCRP and kick start the future
Read the Press Release CLICK HERE

50% OFF Clearance Sale!
Diamond Powersports


Shop for all your street bike,
off road, snow and watercraft needs by clicking on the catalog below.
Most items are listed at a
10% discount for the Holidays.

Parts Unlimited Street

Gift Certificates are Available.

2 Yamaha TZ125s Available CLICK HERE

Actual Bike is sold unpainted. 

A must have if you are racing, have any sort of medical condition or simply traveling.

This medical ID tag is a USB storage device and is available as either a Dog Tag, bracelet or charge card style to fit a wallet. Read more about it by clicking on the picture above.

MultiChron Stopwatch

Mechanics Gloves

Clearance Sale!

ICE - USB Emergency
                 Medical ID Tag

Back in the old days when I ran AMA pro we used to carry our medical information on a microfiche card that we carried in a pocket of our race suit. (before everyone had a computer on their desk. Now microfiche readers can be found in your local museum).  Some organizations such as AHRMA require that we carry a hand written card on a lanyard around our neck.
We are now stepping into the future!


UTAGŪ is the USB PC compatible digital dogtag that stores vital personal information.

- Designed to be the first point
   of reference in an emergency.
- Emergency contact details
- Include your picture
- Tough aluminum alloy
    weatherproof enclosure
- Blood type, key medical
- GP contact
- International language options
- Can be worn as a dogtag a zip

    pull or on your keying
- Bespoke user friendly software
- Includes additional blank sided dogtag for personalization
- Now includes
“Private Folder”

                     CLICK for more information


Interesting Honda video worth watching…

Wossner - High Performance Pistons
As we all are aware Honda OEM pistons for our 2-stroke GP machines have double in price and then double again and some racers have had issues with the new OEM pistons especially in the RS250 Honda.
We have been looking for a solution.

Armor Bodies information CLICK HERE
     Armour Bodies are now officially
    homologated for AMA Pro Racing!

                     CLICK HERE for specific bike applications.

Woodcraft engine covers are designed to keep your bike oil tight in the event of a crash.

      Leak-Down Testing Set
      RS125, RS250, TZ125 and TZ250

      CLICK HERE for info
for some of our customers bikes For Sale

CBR600, RS125, RS250 & CBR600RR

Would you like to keep your trailer and all your race gear stored in it . . . yours?

Check out Trailer Dog Systems

We at Rising Sun found out the hard way
when our trailer was stolen in 2006.

Use our Storefront to place and order CLICK HERE
or simply send us an email with you list or attach a spread sheet.
Our Secure Email page that some of you are familiar with has been having some issues since moving to a new web host and we are working it as well as many changes to the site at this time.

  Rear Set Assemblies

CLICK HERE to see the full line

HONDA CBR600RR - BA03-H04-03B
All Battle Factory rear sets  are manufactured from high quality aluminum and all levers pivot on bearings for a superior feel. Can be purchased as kits or individual replacement parts.

USGPRU United States Grand Prix Racers Union
Win a RS125 & other great prizes in the USGPRU 2009 giveaway - CLICK HERE for details

Check out the races put on by the USCRA.
They have been helping to support the 2-Stroke racing in the North East and Canada by including a 125 race in their schedule.
American Historic Racing
Motorcycle Association
Brembo Brakes
Brake Parts

D.I.D chain

CASTROL Motorcycle
A747 2 Cycle Oil
Sorry but we cannot Ship oils, liquids and aerosols via any type of air freight especially for shipments outside the USA.




Painting Services
Unser Logo



Owner Rising Sun Cycles

USGPRU United States Grand Prix Racers Union
Win a RS125 & other great prizes in the USGPRU 2009 giveaway - CLICK HERE for details

American Historic Racing
Motorcycle Association

Check out the races put on by the USCRA.
They have been helping to support the 2-Stroke racing in the North East and Canada by including a 125 race in their schedule.

Interesting Info
Mini Motors

From collectibles to cars, buy and sell all kinds of items on eBay
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  Rising Sun Cycle has moved to a new larger location in January of 2006
18 Pocasset Street, 2nd Floor, Building 7,
Fall River, MA 02721

We apologize for any delays this may have caused our customers. Click Here to see why we were in an emergency rush.

an Inconvenient truth
A Global Warning

  We all need to see this and pass it on!

Click here to see the trailer.

The science of Global Warming?

Picken's Plan - Pay Attention!
"To put it plainly, T. Boone Pickens is out to save America."
 - Carl Pope, Executive Director, Sierra Club

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