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A company which supports the production of Green Power here in the USA - Save energy costs, save the environment and create a profitable business for yourself

Recently I was introduced to a company which supports the production of Green Power here in the USA and I wanted to share it with you. The company is expanding across the country as these services are deregulated.  Their sales format allows you to reduce energy costs in the home or business for you and your family and the opportunity to create a lucrative part time business for yourself if interested.

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Just like back in the day when the telephone business was deregulated and broken up which allowed many companies to jump in and created competition, the same is happening in the energy business.

North American Power is one of the companies that was created from this deregulation. What they have done is created a company which is basically owned by their customers instead of a large corporate conglomerate. They created a format where their customers do the marketing for them and are paid for doing so, rather than purchasing expensive TV and print advertising. By creating this business opportunity, which involves customers, they were named in Forbes Magazine's top one hundred. The first company of its kind to ever be listed in the top 100. At this time many of the products are available in the North East portion of the US but more state are being added monthly. The company offers 25% Green and 100% Green electric, Clean Gas and American Wind power.  What this means is that the power coming into your home is certified to be green. For instance, your local power company still maintains the lines and delivers the power to your home but North American Power purchases power created by green sources and feeds it into the grid in your name. For those people who are currently not in an area where green electric and clean gas are currently available you can still be involved by purchasing a $20.00 per month American Wind certificate which is used to support the building of wind farms in the US and by doing this you certify that your home is partially wind powered.


You can sign up to just be a customer and help the US toward self sufficient Green Energy or you can also get more involved and pass the word around to your friends and family and create your own part time business in doing so. If you switch your electric to North American Power they will send you a $50 Visa gift card just for switching. Of course it is a form of a multilevel marketing business but you can feel good in the fact that you are saving people some money to purchase the much needed energy and doing this while helping to push the USA toward energy independence. It is going to happen whether you are involved or not so you may as well jump in and help while getting a little piece of this monetary pie for you and your family.


If you are ready, go to this website and under "View Rates and Plans" enter your zip code to see what energy services and rates are available in your area. Compare to your current bill then sign up.



Look it over, evaluate it and make your own opinion and share your thoughts with me whether you are interested in becoming a customer a partner or not.


Thank you


Steve Aspland
Rising Sun Cycles LLC

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