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Qstarz BT-Q1000eX 10Hz
GPS Lap timer, recorder and lap analyzing tool.

Note: These devices will only work with a PC computer.
They are not compatible with an Apple computer.

Complete with additional Fitness & Health Management as well as Travel software

Ride and Log - Import GPS Data - Analyze your data -
                        Simulate and Compare

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Qstarz Lap Timer

The Qstarz BT-Q1000eX
, with 10Hz log speed, can log up to 10 times per second to accurately measure speed, distance and track in vehicle races. This GPS Lap Timer is perfect for recording and analyzing racing of all types, road course, drag, rally and off road used on autos, motorcycles, motocross, karts, oval cars, power boats, snow machines etc. Simple and easy to use, this Qstarz GPS Receiver uploads your driving information to your PC via Bluetooth or USB. The Lap Timing Analysis software in the Qstarz BT-Q1000eX helps analyze your performance so that you can do better in the upcoming races. An integrated vibration sensor in this Qstarz GPS Receiver puts the device to sleep in case it has not detected movement for ten minutes. The battery of this GPS Lap Timer lasts for almost 42 hours which is indeed a lot of time.

Also, available is the NEW LT-Q6000 and it retails for $449.00 which offers a display as well as the features in the existing unit. These smaller units are still going to be the best deal for analyzing your data off the track as most people do not have a need to see a readout as they race. http://www.rscycles.com/SearchResults.asp?Cat=428

Advance your racing performance with
Qstarz BT-Q1000eX GPS Lap Timer
CLICK HERE for a YouTube Video

CLICK HERE for more detail about QRacing software which include links to instructional videos.
CLICK HERE for information on the new Version 3.0 software.

QStarz also is constantly improving their many product and any update to the software can be download

These units come with a One Year Warranty.


BT-Q1000eX 10Hz is an extraordinary GPS Lap Timer with eXtreme 10Hz log speed which enables Q1000eX10Hz to log up to 10 times per second providing the most accurate measurement of track, speed, and distance. Such characteristic makes Q1000eX 10Hz very suitable for every kind of extreme sports activity, especially for super moto, road course motorcycles, oval cars, or road course autos. And drivers can also improve their lap time by valuable driving information.

Q1000eX 10Hz GPS lap timer is simple and easy to use. Its stand-alone without the help of other accessories like transmitter are unnecessary. It adopts the GPS technology to log your race and later you can upload your driving information to PC. The included QRacing Lap Timing Analysis software can excellently analyze diversified Racing data-Circuit Racing, Drag Racing & Rally Racing. Get the best single lap and compare up to 3 lap data by graph chart and real-time play view will never this easier!

Other than as a GPS Lap timer, BT-Q1000eX 10Hz is also a very powerful data logger with 8MB memory size able to log up to 40,000 waypoints and long battery life 42 hrs, which give a very strong base to support the huge demand by 10Hz log. It also integrates A-GPS, beeper, and vibration sensor. A-GPS can boost the GPS warm start time to less than 15sec, Beeper can notice the device status, and Vibration sensor can smartly save power and recordable waypoints. The included triple software: QRacing, QTravel and QSports even strengthen the applications of Q1000eX 10Hz on many aspects, making it become a multi-functional device no matter for lap timer, for navigation, for travel log, or for sports log.

Hardware feature

  • Simple and Easy-operated GPS Lap Timer for diversified Racing analysis
  • Support up to 10Hz High Speed logging mode (Log 10 times per second)
  • Adopt MTK II latest chipset with high sensitivity -165dBm and 66-Channel
  • Ultra lower power consumption up to 42hrs operation (under Log rate 1Hz)
  • Less than 15-Sec. AGPS fix support
  • Stand-Alone recorder to log up to 400,000 records
  • 3-level Switch to easily switch eXtreme Recorder to 10Hz high speed mode
    or 1Hz normal mode
  • Support POI button to memorize your point of interest immediately
  • Raise beeper function to notice some status of device
  • Integrate Vibration sensor to smartly save power and memory
  • G-Mouse + Bluetooth in one: wired and wireless GPS receiver
  • Personal/Portable Navigation (PDA, Smartphone, PC, etc.)
  • Deluxe Triple Software included QRacing, QSports and QTravel

    Place and Go! No Complex Installation!

    eXtreme 10Hz Log - Completely record your race, never miss!

    Exclusive Software Feature

    QRacing Lap Timing Analysis Expert
    Excellently performing Diversified Racing type
    Circuit Racing, Drag Racing & Rally Racing

    The software screen shot

    View Analysis Racing Data by Tables

    View and Compare up to 3 Lap data

    Drag Race Demotration

    Video Integration and Playback

    For the detail QRacing software introduction, please click QRacing here.

    Extra 2 Bonus software QSports and QTravel

  • QStarz package

    BT-Q1000eX 10HZ

    We all race so we know, Faster is Better!

    QRacing Ver. 3.2 upgrading is available online for download!
    to download

    CLICK HERE to review the users manual.

    for Step by Step video tutorials.

    Qstarz software can synchronize your digital camera video with the Qstarz GPS track data!

    GPS Lap Timer, Recorder and
    Race Analyzing Tool.
    Complete with additional Fitness & Health Management as well as Travel software 

    The software includes QRacing application for road course, rally and drag racing. Also included are QTravel and QSports general sports software (you can geo-tag your pictures as you travel and monitor your fitness plan for running and road or off road bicycling).


    Lap Timing Analysis Expert

    QRacing, a specially-designed Lap Timing Analysis software for Racing performance improvement. QRacing can support diversified Racing type such as Circuit Racing, Drag Racing & Rally Racing, then analyze each Racing type's best single lap. No need complicate setting and you can easily view your Racing track in graph chart. Compare your Racing tracks yourself, with friends or record-holder to train how to improve record. QRacing will definitely be a simple-to-use but professional enough software for Racing capable people.

    QSports is sports management software with database structure

    Want to know how much time and distance do you work out this week? Want to know how many calories have you being burned from cycling this month? QSports make it. It is sports management software for your computer that works with Qstarz Travel Recorder and Sports recorder devices. With QSports, you can store and analyze your workout and activities with various sports gear. Database structure can benefit to saves this data and manage to meaningful statistics for better review.


    --Your Best Travel Mate - Travel Data Management Software

    QTravel is photo geotagging software for your computer that works with Qstarz Travel Recorder hardware devices. With database structure, QTravel allows you to manage your history travel data easily and you can record your travel tracks and show on Google Earth/Google Map with photos on exact locations to bring back your live trip memory. It's also easy for users to upload geotagged photos to flickr, locr, other photo sharing website/blog, or even share to friends.

    Also, check out the QStarz