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Jackson Label

Kangaroo Label

Motorbike styles for US market 2010-2011, and jeans

Dominator - The simplicity of a classic design

Sportsman - A classic scooter jacket.

Johnny - The motorcycle jacket everyone knows from the movie

FCJ - There are many ways to describe this short military jacket

í51 Jeans - Five pocket jeans with a zip fly.

A note on styling and available options:

We will make Street or Bike versions of most styles on request. That means you can change the cuff, pocket closures, lengths, and add armour where practical. In Australia and the U.K. we have some slightly different variations in style based on local preferences and markets. This includes the Bike and Street with different linings & lengths, and with or without armour, in kangaroo or cowhide. For example, the standard Australian Bike style has a nylon mesh lining with a zip-in/zip-out red quilt vest, and full CE armour in the elbow/forearm, shoulder and back. If you want further details you may visit their websites or simply email your request to us and we will do our best to provide you with an answer. And one more thing, for now you can have any colour kangaroo leather that you want as long as itís black. Other style and color variations, if available, upon request. Thanks.

Street styles for the US Market 2010-2011, and gloves

Sea Stormer - Heavy wool and for warmth at sea

Donkey - The workingmanís friend.

NPJ - The knockabout
Jax Glove - A simple shorty glove with a rough-out wipe finger
Espresso Glove - A short riderís glove