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Tickle, then Kick!  MotorWare for the Classic Enthusiast
TonUP Motor Ware
Jackson Label
Kangaroo Label
Remember when you had to shift one up, three down?
Those are the days that we remember also.
Classic Rider Motorwear Selection

A peak inside of the attention to detail.

Ton-Up Motorwear is a special collection by Jackson Equipment

We started designing by looking at the things that we loved, most of which had motors and made good sounds. The leathers that we wore were solid and timeless. The attitude that we shared was not compromised by any need to please. Soul came from honest materials put together in perfect combinations. We have brought back that spirit of well-built tradition and created a collection of kit for people with a motorbike heart and an independent way of living. Since Jackson is Australian in origin, it only made good sense that we choose the best, lightest, most supple, strongest, and rare leather on the planet for Ton-Up Motorwear. Kangaroo - it has a fiber network that is cross-linked to create an extremely durable and flexible skin to wear. These unique animals are only found down-under, and we go to the source where they are legally culled and procure the finest available skins for our motorwear collection. We know you will appreciate our efforts. We stand behind everything we produce.
The real deal from the inside out.
Tatan on the inside
Don’t you always want to be surprised when you open the bonnet?

The insides of things are what make them special too. We believe that inside of every great machine beats a heart that only certain people appreciate. Every powerful stroke after another happens there, propelling us forward. Inside, careful attention to materials, construction and performance come together creating beautiful lines, historically chosen and harmoniously woven in a long history of tradition and craftsmanship: 100% new wool from Scotland in a fine Tartan. We wouldn’t expect less in a premium product, and we wouldn’t give you one either. Say ooroo to the daggy, this is fair dinkum proper.
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